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Past Presidents

Revised 09/07/2018
1971-78 T. B. Fatheree, Mississippi
1978-79 Drew Cloud, New Mexico
1979-81 Charles Hanavan, Colorado
1981-83 Nyle Katz, Michigan
1983-85 Clark McWhorter, Oklahoma
1985-87 Joe Torres, New Mexico
1987-88 Marvis Roberts, Florida
1988-89 Stanley Garbacz, Nebraska
1989-90 Vernon Eagan, Arkansas
1990-91 Kyle Stephens, Utah
1991-92 David Skinner, Georgia
1992-93 G. Lee Boyer, Montana
1993-94 Leland Beatty, Texas
1994-95 Donald Giffey, North Dakota
1995-96 Linda Olmstead, New Mexico
1996-97 Tony Stafford, Missouri
1997-98 M. B. (Sonny) Roberts, Jr., Florida
1998-99 Linda Lowrey, Texas
1999-00 Donald Jacka, Jr., Kansas
2000-01 Tom Walker, South Carolina
2001-02 William Fortier, North Dakota
2002-03 Koy Page, Utah
2003-04 Horace Horn, Jr., Alabama
2004-05 Paul Johnson, Michigan
2005-06 John Woeste, Florida
2006-07 H. Roald Lund, North Dakota
2007-08 John Trotman, Alabama
2008-09 Kim Porter, Wyoming
2009-10 Sandra Tenorio, Texas
2010-11 Bud Weiss, Colorado
2011-12 Larry Mack, Florida
2012-13 Marion Weers, Michigan
2013-14 Walt Anseth, Montana
2014-15 Steve Gallagher, Alaska/William Stanley, South Carolina
2015-16 William Stanley, South Carolina
2016-17 Harold Gary, Mississippi
2017-18 Jerry Driscoll, Kansas

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